Find your inner leader

Coaching & Leadership development

Change can only happen when you know yourself. I guide you beyond  learning new behaviour or knowledge; together we will work on increasing your self-awareness.

I challenge you to break through your old patterns. You will discover new possibilities, change your perspective and increase your impact.

“The world needs men who dare to live their lives with zeal and get the most out of themselves in both their work and their private life” ~ Niels

My name is Niels Loendersloot and through my practice “BolsterKracht”, I support men in their personal development. Why men, particularly? As men, we simply need a different language and approach than women. In my personal development, for example, I have been challenged by other men mirroring me. It gives me great satisfaction when I see men make full use of their qualities. The world needs this.

The origin of BolsterKracht

After a successful career in the financial sector, I started my coaching practice in 2015. As an IT engineer I was able to solve complex problems by knowing the content. From a leadership perspective, I found that this was insufficient. I also faced challenges that required more of my intuitive qualities (EQ).

I got to know myself better and took leadership over my work and my life. I want the same for others. The real lessons I have learned, didn’t come from books or theory, but from self-examination and reflection. This is also reflected in my current approach, which is practical and experience-oriented. In the meantime, I have been able to coach many men with similar experiences in my practice.

I enjoy living in the city centre of Eindhoven with my girlfriend and two beautiful daughters. My practice is located at Strijp-S in Eindhoven.

Training and certification

  • ICF Certified Professional coach
  • Trainerscourse at Phoenix Training
  • 3- year professional communication course at Phoenix Training
  • NLP, TA and Systemic constellation work
  • Master of Business Administration at TiasNimbas
  • Bachelor in Business Informatics at Fontys Hogescholen


Female and male leadership in balance

Much can be said about leadership and its qualities. What often emerges is the importance of using both typically male and female qualities. In times of crises a great appeal is done towards taking personal leadership. In my view, rational and intuitive thinking and action form the basis. Taking charge of work and life while remaining true to yourself. Knowing which male and female qualities contribute to and integrate good personal leadership is essential.

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Authentic Leadership

Being a male or female is one of the strongest identifications we as humans know. Even before you receive your name, this identity is already established. From that moment on you will be an inseparable part of the collective of men or women.Unfortunately, men are responsible for a large part of the current imbalance in the world. The results are visible at the top of business, politics, the way we interact with women and the state of our climate. Men now face the challenge of developing a new, more mature form of masculinity. At BolsterKracht we use a model for mature male leadership. This model consists of four archetypal quadrants, each with their own positive and negative pole. Mature male leadership resides in the center of these poles.

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Individuals and companies like to work with us. This is what they say about their experiences:

"The way I approach life now, is a life-size gift that I received through coaching. I am myself, and that is why people like to work with me. I now also speak for large groups with natural confidence.”
Veerle Communications Engineer Business Applications product lead
“Everyone has difficult moments. When I have such a moment now, I can fall back on what I learned during the coaching. That gives confidence and strength. Niels gives you concrete tools that you can apply immediately.”
Dick Marketing & communication manager
“I experienced working together with Niels in the coaching as reliable and safe. He managed to get my shield down quite quickly, which allowed me to spend more time achieving my goals.”
Paul IT-delivery manager
“In our collaboration, I appreciate how Niels coaches’ groups and individual trainees. He is a good listener, analyses what is said, asks striking questions and is incredibly involved. Our trainees experience his coaching as very valuable.”
Sandra Professional skills trainer/coach
"We work in an agile environment and Niels' working method is fully in line with the manifesto of agile software development. He puts working with people above processes. With him, our teams learn to collaborate consciously with other teams instead of being competitive."
Ad IT-Lead
"The insights that I have received are of such value that I will never forget them. Highly recommended for anyone looking for their next goal in life."