Authentic Leadership

Being a male or female is one of the strongest identifications we as humans know. Even before you receive your name, this identity is already established. From that moment on you will be an inseparable part of the collective of men or women.

Unfortunately, men are responsible for a large part of the current imbalance in the world. The results are visible at the top of business, politics, the way we interact with women and the state of our climate. A focus on short-term interest and immediate results have traditionally been attributed to men. The same applies to the aforementioned issues. A dated image of men that we still cling to.

Unlocking potential

In my view, this limited picture is not justified. After all, as a man, you have more to offer than just being focused on results and the pursuit of short-term success. Yet this potential often remains untapped. There is nothing wrong with a focus on results and the pursuit of short-term success. However, when you do not take into consideration the longer term consequences or implications of your actions and your focus on your surroundings, this may lead to destructive choices.

Make different choices

Men now face the challenge of developing a new, more mature form of masculinity. This means, among other things, that you make your choices based on your examination of the impact in the longer term. You learn to further develop your intuitive qualities and you learn to let others challenge your presuppositions. Sometimes this might even mean you admit that you don’t know something.

Archetypal quadrants

At BolsterKracht we use a model for mature male leadership. This model consists of four archetypal quadrants, each with their own positive and negative pole. Mature male leadership resides in the center of these poles. The model makes you aware of your behavior and shows you opportunities for growth.

Model for Authentic Male Leadership

The four quadrants are:

IQ (The King)
This quadrant represents the ability to think logically. When the mind is used in the correct way – and not for the self-interest of the king, but for the good of the people – it is a powerful instrument that gives direction for great changes.

FQ (The Warrior)
This quadrant represents the physical strength within us. When anger and temperament are no longer suppressed but guided, goals are easily achieved and the focus on results increases.

SQ (The Magician)
Spiritual intelligence is the guiding principle for your personal growth. It allows you to surrender to matters greater than just your rational ability, and it allows you to rely more on your intuition. Furthermore, it allows you to effectively reflect on how you act in daily life.

EQ (The Lover)
Emotional intelligence is an important aspect of the adult male personality. As a result of the male stigma (“men don’t feel”) this quadrant is often still underdeveloped. Dealing with your emotions and those of others in a mature way makes you particularly powerful and resilient.

Personal development

I can imagine that you have become curious about where you fit into this model. Because once you learn this, you can take significant steps forward in your personal development. Ultimately, this will make your life easier, both professionally and personally. As a trainer and a coach, I think it is important that men have the opportunity to develop themselves and do not continue to conform themselves to how others view them. It is time for us to step up and learn how we can do better in all areas of our lives.