The importance of choosing the right coach

There are around 63.000 coaches in The Netherlands (source: Dutch Chamber of Commerce). Only ten percent of these coaches is actually certified and a member of a professional association. With the title of coach not being protected, the coaching trade keeps growing. As a result, it is becoming increasingly harder to distinguish the real professionals. Personal experience and listening skills are not enough to be able to provide professional coaching. It is important to choose a certified coach who is a member of a professional association. Do not hesitate to ask a potential future coach about their education, experience, and certification from a professional association.

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Authentic Leadership

Being a male or female is one of the strongest identifications we as humans know. Even before you receive your name, this identity is already established. From that moment on you will be an inseparable part of the collective of men or women.Unfortunately, men are responsible for a large part of the current imbalance in the world. The results are visible at the top of business, politics, the way we interact with women and the state of our climate. Men now face the challenge of developing a new, more mature form of masculinity. At BolsterKracht we use a model for mature male leadership. This model consists of four archetypal quadrants, each with their own positive and negative pole. Mature male leadership resides in the center of these poles.

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Female and male leadership in balance

Much can be said about leadership and its qualities. What often emerges is the importance of using both typically male and female qualities. In times of crises a great appeal is done towards taking personal leadership. In my view, rational and intuitive thinking and action form the basis. Taking charge of work and life while remaining true to yourself. Knowing which male and female qualities contribute to and integrate good personal leadership is essential.

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