Get more out of yourself

Why coaching?
For those who think of ​​coaching as too eccentric  for them, no worries. I am a down to earth person with a practical approach. My coaching is goal-oriented and based on mutual respect. I work from the belief that you potentially have everything you need within yourself. It has been my experience that true growth happens  when you are confronted with your behaviour. That is not always enjoyable, but it is certainly very enlightening. During the coaching and training in Dutch or English, together we will work on your main coaching question and techniques to make your life easier, in the workplace and beyond.

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Practical approach
We start with a free casual conversation to determine whether we are a good match. In this first conversation, you will immediately experience my style of coaching. We will explore  your coaching question and the goals you want to achieve. If there is a click, we will draw up an agreement in which we further specify your questions and goals. We then work purposefully towards the realization of your learning objectives. Of course, I treat our conversations with utmost confidentiality. If you are partaking in this coaching program  through your employer, I will not share any information with your manager without your permission.

What does my coaching bring you?
With my guidance you could achieve the following goals, for example:
– You are better able to focus on the things that are important to you
– You communicate more directly and clearly
– You have more empathy
– You act faster and with more ease in difficult situations
– You have more confidence
We make your goals specific and measurable at the start of the process.

Coaching is a profession and I take this profession seriously. The title of ‘coach’ is not protected by law so, technically, everyone can use it. That is why I value my certification with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). You can read more about this in my blog. This certification means that I continue to develop and test myself and must meet the strict requirements of the ICF. I also use the ICF complaints procedure, when applicable.

Does my way of coaching sound good to you? Contact me to schedule your personal conversation to find out if I’m the right coach for you.