Increase your impact.

Why coaching?
For those who think of ​​coaching as too eccentric, no worries. We offer down-to earth coaching services. Our coaching is goal-oriented and driven by practical cases from your experience. During our conversations we challenge your beliefs, behavior and help you adopt different leadership styles. This will turn you into a well-rounded leader that is able to navigate a variety of leadership challenges.

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Practical approach
We start with an introduction meeting to determine whether we are a good match. In this first conversation, you will immediately experience our style of coaching. We will explore  your coaching question and the goals you want to achieve. If there is a match, we will draw up an agreement in which we further specify your questions and goals. We then purposefully work towards the realization of your learning objectives. Of course our conversations are confidential and no information will be shared without your permission.

What can coaching bring you?
You can think of the following goals:
– You inspire others
– You are natural in delegating
– You communicate with ease
– You act decisively in difficult situations
– You have more confidence
We draft measurable and attainable goals at the beginning.

Coaching is a profession and we take this profession seriously. The title of ‘coach’ is not protected by law so, technically, everyone can use it. That is why we value our certification with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This certification means that we continuously develop ourselves and adhere to the highest coaching standards. In case of any complaints we adhere ICF complaints procedure.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.