The training Authentic Leadership for men is developed to help men shape their authentic leadership style with confidence.

When we talk about leadership, we automatically think of  top management in politics and business. For this training we focus on personal leaderhip. It takes courage to allow yourself to be confronted with your fixed mindset. It also creates more space to deal with challenges once you accept your limiting beliefs and patterns. This training will stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone and allows you to learn more about yourself.

A balance between rational and intuitive qualities
As a man, it is important to balance your rational (IQ) and intuitive (EQ) qualities, which results in authenticity. Research shows that the quality of life and work increases if you dare to be more authentic.

What is in this training for me?
- You focus on things that are important to you
- You know what you need to realize your ambitions
- You have a clear direction
- You make a personal manifesto
- You get to know yourself better
- You communicate more directly and clearly
- You have more empathy

For and by men
The importance of support from other men is often underestimated. During this training, we use the unique characteristics of a group of men. Together they will have a motivating effect on you, allowing you to make great progress in your development. This training will be mainly experience-oriented and I will provide you with tangible exercises that help you achieve immediate results.

This training is about personal leadership, so you don't have to be a manager or leader in your job to join.

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Time: start day 1: 9:30, end day 2: 17:00
Including lunch (excluding overnight stay)
Investment: €995 (ex VAT)


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